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Because we always consider about how you use LEB2 in most effective way.  New Assessment Activity page is revised to be a better and easier for you !
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Sort by week

Sort Activity by Weekly is coming to LEB2

Import Criteria is Now AVAILABLE on LEB2

There is no problem at all, if you have many criteria for your activity. Easy to manage by importing criteria from others activities. Try now !

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Manage reviewer to students with Team-Assessment Feature here at LEB2
Export-Import Score Template
LEB2 lets you export score template as Excel and import back to the system for calculating those scores into Dashboard.
Clone Plan
Having many classrooms of the same subject is no longer a problem in LEB2. Reuse a plan created for one class on other classes by one click
Reorder Learning Outcomes
Prioritising learning outcomes can help increase the effectiveness of learning development in your class because it allows learners to see the priorities and sequences of learning outcomes that they are going to achieve.
Edit profile
On top of making learning great, we also want to make you feel great about yourself. Show us how you actually see yourself, change your profile photo today
Assessment Activity Score Weighting
To set weights for your class assessments, simply click the Weight box, enter the weight value, and allow us to do the rest
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